3 Things You Need to Know About Injection Mold Design for Automotive Parts

injection mold design

Injection mold design is a very interesting topic and we’re excited to tell you more about it in this article.

The automotive industry follows some specific injection molding design rules when making automotive parts. There are specific densities and hardness ratings required for plastic parts, like there are for metal parts.

In this article we’ll outline the top 3 things you need to know about injection molding for automotive parts.

Let’s get into it!

Injection Mold Design

The great thing about plastic injection molding is you can keep refining the design until it’s absolutely perfect without too much concern about development costs.

Molds can easily be made from low cost metals such as aluminium and computer-aided design can also make the design process simpler and more streamline.

Injection Molding Part Design

Prototyping is way easier with injection molding than it would be with other materials and methods. A low cost aluminium mold can be made practically instantly with rapid tooling. Then, iterated based on part designs until perfection.

Injection molding best suites to produce car parts with simple geometries and has results of very high quality surface finishes. Manufacturers also have a lot of finish options when they produce parts, because of the versatility of plastic as material.

Designers can also choose glossy, patterned, matte finishes and a range of other textures. A leather-like texture, for example, is a very popular choice for interior car parts. A vast range of colors are available and only limited by the designer’s imagination.

Injection Molded Parts For Automotive Applications

The car industry relies on precision and one of the great things about automotive parts made from plastic is the accuracy and repeatability of the process. It’s easy to mass produce identical parts at scale.

First, a metal mold is made and then the mold can be used indefinitely to create a consistent and reliable result.

Injection Molding Services Can Be Sustainable

The injection molding process is potentially more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other processes which require more energy use to make parts.

Polypropylene, recyclable material and parts, sources responsibly from a percentage of recycled goods.

Molded parts also house and protect AI sensors and systems that encourage higher levels of environmental efficiency. Alongside plastic injection molding, rubber injection molding can create custom, high-quality hybrid, or multipart pieces, for example steering wheels and gear sticks.

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