Advancements in Automotive Injection Molding

The American auto industry is currently worth over $104 billion. Its size means that sustainability and quality are more important than ever before. Advancements in automotive injection molding effectively improve the production process. Read on to learn some specific recent advancements and why they matter. Automation in Automotive Injection Molding Automation injecting molding is a production […]

The Latest Industrial Auto Trends for 2023

The tech industry is constantly changing. And it doesn’t just impact the world of technology – it reaches far beyond that. One of the industries that the tech industry impacts are the auto parts industry. Auto trends are constantly changing because of the ever-changing landscape of technology in today’s world. If you are curious to learn […]

Design Considerations When Using a Plastic Injection Mold

Did you know that the US manufacturing market was worth $8.3 trillion in 2023? Plastic injection molding represents an excellent innovation in prototyping, design, and production. This scaleable system allows you to design and produce large product volumes – hitting new heights in order fulfillment. Interested in using a plastic injection mold to streamline your […]

How Strong Are Plastic Injection Molded Parts?

Did you know that plastic injection molding is one of the most commonly used processes in production? Plastic injection molded parts are used in various industries, but they are especially prevalent in the automotive industry. That’s because parts are incredibly strong and durable. Used to making dashboards and other car parts, which proves their strength. […]