The Beginners Guide to Injection Molding Parts

From bottle caps to intricate auto components, injection molding parts are used in a widespread of industries. Injection molding as a production method allows manufacturers to mass-produce a single or multiple parts in mass numbers. Even though initial upfront costs can be high, over time the cost of making the parts becomes very low. Therefore, understanding the […]

Injection Molding Costs: The Best Way to Save Money in Manufacturing

Initially, injection molding costs can run higher than other manufacturing methods. This is mainly due to the upfront cost of creating a high-quality molding tool that will produce large quantities of molds. Once this molding tool has been made, the cost of manufacturing parts become very low to produce. By investing up front, you can create a molding […]

Breaking the Mold: 3 Steps to Understanding the Injection Mold Process

From massive and durable car parts to intricate and delicate medical equipment, plastics are powerful material in the manufacturing process. To get the most out of plastics, many manufacturers turn to the efficient plastic injection mold process. What are plastic injection molds? The process takes a high focus on design to create an efficient and […]

What Is the Plastic Injection Molding Process? Everything You Should Know

Plastic makes up around 50% of a car’s body, but only 10% of the weight. You’ll find plastic in every vehicle because it’s lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, and rust-resistant. Plus, it’s easy to mold using plastic injection. The plastic molding process plays an essential role in the creation of plastic parts throughout many different industries. From pharmaceuticals to telecommunications, plastic […]