Injection Molding Materials: Why Is Plastic the Best?

Did you know that as prices of electric vehicles continue to drop, they are projected to make up half of the car market by 2030? This is mainly because first-generation electrical cars were bulky and inefficient. Instead of using heavy materials like steel and glass, modern designs choose plastic injection molding materials that are much lighter and, therefore, more efficient. […]

Save Costs with Injection Molding Products

The plastics industry is the 8th largest in the United States. With so many employees, it is a ripe industry for cost-saving and innovation. Picture this: a manufacturing technique that’s quietly transforming how businesses save costs. It’s called injection molding, and it’s a game-changer. We’re about to explore how this seemingly ordinary process is anything […]

How to Effectively Communicate Project Details With an Automotive Injection Mold Company

Communication is essential for any injection mold company to succeed. It’s something that affects everyone in the company. Account managers talk to clients to get a better idea of what they need. Production managers talk to the people behind the machines so they can fully understand customers’ requests. It only takes one person to misunderstand or miscommunicate […]

Tesla Manufacturing: How Are Teslas Made?

U.S. sales of electric vehicles have risen to over 4 percent of the overall market, up from less than 1 percent in 2011. Tesla Inc. has remained at the forefront of this industry by combining avant-garde technological innovations with elegant designs. The company has proven that electric cars can be both durable and affordable, and […]