The Top 4 Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers of 2024

injection molding machine manufacturers

Advancing your operations in the automotive field is your top aim in 2024. You’re in good company.

Research shows that the automotive industry was expected to produce 95 million vehicles in 2024, with vehicle sales growing over 12% between 2022 and 2023. That’s because the industry quickly recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a growing number of people seeking vehicles for professional or recreational purposes.

Injection molding machines are an essential part of the manufacturing process, and many types are available. Let’s explore the top four injection molding machine manufacturers in 2024.

1. Haitian International

This maker of injection molding parts is based in Ningbo, China. They’re a global leader offering machines weighing anywhere from 28 tons to over 5,000 tons. They’ve earned a reputation for their broad product portfolio with cost-effective offerings for customers in the following fields:

  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Electronics

Some of the manufacturer’s most popular products include their Jupiter series for electric vehicles and Mars series for hybrid cars. The company also offers Venus series products for hydraulic applications.

2. Milacron Holdings Corp.

This Ohio, U.S., maker of injection molding equipment offers products from multiple renowned brands, such as Mold-Masters, Cincinnati, and Magna Power. They provide numerous options for industrial, automotive, and packaging applications. Their customers also depend on their products for appliances and consumer goods.

Milacron Holdings primarily focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability. Some of their in-demand products include the Mold-Masters Voyager, Magna Power T-Rex, and Cincinnati Electis. These molding options are used for high-speed, hydraulic, and electric applications.

3. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

This manufacturing parts provider is based in Tokyo, Japan. They’re a top force in hybrid and electric injection molding equipment. The company emphasizes high precision and energy efficiency with innovative products like its iM18E.

Target markets for Sumitomo Heavy Industries include those needing high-precision components and packaging. Customers from the medical and electronics field also rely on the company. Their hottest products range from the Si-X series to the ExE-α and iM series for servo-driven, hybrid, and electric applications.

4. Nissei America, Inc.

This California, U.S., manufacturer specializes in lighter machines recognized for their reliability and precision. They cater to the electronics and medical sectors with popular series such as FNX (hydraulic) and NEX (electric). Nissei America stands out for its cleanroom compatibility and unparalleled quality control processes.

The company’s target markets include those requiring precision components and optics. Other major markets for Nissei America include microfluidics, electronics, and the medical field.

Top Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers Revealed

The top injection molding machine manufacturers include Haitian International and Milacron Holdings Corp. Other top options include Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Nissei America, Inc.

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