3 Things to Consider When Partnering With an Injection Molding Company

The plastic injection molding industry keeps growing and growing. Whether it’s for packaging, electronics, automotive parts, or the medical field, plastic injection molding companies are in high demand.

The growth in small businesses has also increased the demand for injection molding. From local shops to home businesses, companies need plastic injection molding.

Is your business in need of plastic injection molding components? Keep reading for three things to consider when choosing an injection molding company.

1. Considering an Injection Molding Company: Quality Assurance

Make sure that your injection molding company dedicates time to quality assurance. Quality assurance processes are extremely important for many reasons.

The first reason you should seek a company with quality assurance is that you want a quality product. You know what you want in molded plastic components. If the company falls short, it could cause your own business’ products to lack quality.

Another reason you want a company with good quality assurance is to save your own business time and money. If your injection company cuts corners to give you a lackluster product, you’ll have wasted money on the product.

You also run the risk of wasting precious time waiting on a product that’s undesirable. Since time is money, quality assurance is crucial.

2. Design and Custom Manufacturing

If you’re looking for injection molding companies in Michigan, make sure they can help you with designing your product. While you may have an idea of what you want, it’s best to have experts who know the molding process to help you find a design that fits your needs practically and aesthetically.

The design process is also super important to make sure the actual production operation goes smoothly. This means being able to make the products you need on time and within your allotted budget.

You also want to be sure your injection molding company can create custom molds specific to your business’ needs. Custom injection molding is the key to having a unique, efficient, and optimal product.

3. Production Capacity

Before you choose an injection molding company, make sure you have a fairly accurate estimate of how much product you’ll need. Then, you can ask specific questions about the company’s ability to produce your components within your timeframe and budget.

Every injection molding company has a different production capacity depending on their available technology and the number of clients they have.

For instance, you could choose a low-volume company if you’re working on a prototype or don’t require many products. However, if you need many components, you’ll need a company with a large production capacity.

Break the Mold

Now you know three important things to consider when partnering with an injection molding company. Now it’s time to get in contact with the company that fits your business’ needs.

With over 100 combined years of experience in the field, Nova Stevensville takes pride in providing customers with world-class plastic molded components. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to set you up with an accurate quote for your next big project.

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