Art to Part Manufacturing: Custom Plastic Molded Components


Picking the right partner is important, regardless of what you’re doing. Doing it with the right people and the right tools is everything. If you’re trying to make an item from scratch, as is the case with custom molding, then this is even more true.

Plastic parts manufacturing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Working with the right partner can go a long way. Here at Nova Stevensville, we strive to be just that partner.

So let’s talk a bit about custom plastic components, what goes into them, and how we can help you get quality products.

Custom Plastic Manufacturing

Injection molding is the backbone of plastics manufacturing. The two types of injection machines, horizontal and vertical, each have benefits of their own. Horizontal injection machines are the standard equipment in plastics manufacturing.

Vertical injection machines, meanwhile, confer a handful of benefits such as more efficient and cost-effective. Also, they are particularly useful in the production of fragile, sensitive equipment such as medical machinery.

Vertical machines can also combine the use of book molds with a rotary table to speed up the process. This offers quicker production cycles and higher, more efficient product yields.

Here at Nova Stevensville, we make use of both kinds of injection machines in order to ensure that we have the exact tools that best suit your project. Our vertical molding machine is complemented by 26 horizontal machines. And we’re only continuing to grow from there.

We also make use of in-house Coordinate Measurement Machines, or CMM, to help enhance our production process. These machines are a great part of the quality control process, and help ensure the parts we manufacture for you to meet all of your specifications.

We use these machines to measure the precise dimensions of the plastics we manufacture. These dimensions are mapped to a grid using X, Y, and Z axes to form an accurate picture of the plastic model. This speeds up and simplifies the testing process, to ensure the product meets your physical requirements.

Why Nova Stevensville?

Picking a good partner in the manufacturing process is important, and at Nova Stevensville, we think that partner is us.

We work closely with all of our clients to make sure that each project we undertake is tailored to your needs. Our state of the art equipment, including vertical and horizontal injection machines and CMM, ensures speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

We’re also a tier-1 automotive supplier, with quick turnarounds. We’ve worked with major partners in manufacturing, including Whirlpool, Adient, and more.

Custom Plastic with Nova Stevensville

Custom plastic manufacturing doesn’t have to be a headache. With a good partner and the right equipment, you can meet your needs quickly, affordably, and painlessly.

If we sound like the right partner for you, be sure to contact us and request a quote. And be sure to check out our blog for more information on our process and capabilities.


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