What Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer? A Quick Guide

original equipment manufacturer

The original equipment manufacturer industry continues to grow year after year.

If you have no idea what original equipment manufacturing is, don’t worry. Once you understand some basic characteristics and definitions, you will be able to see the purpose of these manufacturers. You also will be able to distinguish them from other types of parts and products companies.

The information below provides a quick guide to original equipment manufacturing. It lays out the many advantages of these processes and will help you determine if it’s right for your business and industry.

What Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes specific parts for another company. That business then incorporates the component into products or equipment for sale under their name.

One of the most common areas where you see this is the car industry. Automakers do not produce every component of the vehicle. Instead, they contract with different companies for original equipment wheels, plastic components, or electrical systems. Then they assemble the vehicle and sell it under their brand.

This is distinct from an “aftermarket parts manufacturer.” These companies design components meant to serve the same fit and function as original ones. They sell them independently as an alternative to OEM parts and are not associated with the original product brand.

Advantages Original Equipment Manufacturing

Aftermarket parts are sometimes cheaper, but that’s where the advantage ends. There are many good reasons to choose original aftermarket parts instead. One of the biggest ones is design.

Original equipment manufacturers work directly with clients to design parts. This means they can calibrate for a specific purpose or function. So you can expect these components to outperform any competing ones that lack the precision of OEM design and production.

This also means a higher quality part. OEMs will determine the best materials to use in specific components.

For this reason, most OEM parts come with extensive warranties. These are often hard to find with aftermarket manufacturers.

Also, while aftermarket parts may or may not be available down the road, you can expect more from original equipment reproduction. Reputable manufacturers can reorder parts for you without much additional work or planning. Upfront design and mould production costs have already been taken care of.

All this translates to parts that work better and last longer over time. And that means more satisfied customers and better sales for you in the long term.

Find OEM Parts Near You

Now that you have a sense of what an original equipment manufacturer does and the advantages of using one, you can decide if it is right for your company. It can make all the difference in producing high-quality products for your customers that help you grow your business.

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