Plastic Injection Molding Benefits for the Auto Industry

Auto industry

The auto industry, building and construction, and electrical industry are the main consumers of injection molded plastics.

The market size for plastic components was valued at $265 billion in 2020. Statisticians predict more growth with an increment of 4.6% per year for the next seven years.

Injection molding technology has brought about many significant changes in the automotive industry and with it, great success.

Here are reasons why plastic injection molding is so popular with auto manufacturers around the world.

1. Lower Weight of the Vehicle

Most consumers want a car that saves on gas while still having a powerful engine. This can only happen when you compromise the weight of the vehicle. Besides, the less tasking it is for the engine to move the car, the more responsive it will be to the driver.

It’s worth noting that automobiles have fewer emissions and are thus considered safer for the environment.

2. Plastics Reduce Costs for Everyone in the Auto Industry

Plastic is a cheaper alternative to conventional metals such as steel. As a manufacturer, plastics will cost less in the capital. Some polymers mixes are more durable than metal translating to less cost of maintenance.

Moreover, using plastic molded parts helps consumers avoid issues like corrosiveness and friction between auto parts.

3. One-Stop-Shop

Plastic injection molding technology produces a variety of plastic components. Thus, it’s easier for OEMs to work with one trusted supplier to provide them with distinct patterns that suit their designs.

Some popular auto parts you can get include; engine hoses, tubes, bezel panels, clips, and covers for lighting parts.

Dealing with a trusted supplier will make the whole manufacturing process easier. It saves you money since you can get better deals for huge packages.

4. Advanced Testing of Materials

Technology has made it possible to test the specific properties of a certain plastic. Plastics injection molding experts know the limit of each property and use that to figure out the right plastic for every auto part you need.

For instance, if you need exterior material equipment, injection molding can produce a material with just the right amount of UV resistance.
Scientists are continuously producing stronger or more flexible samples depending on the demand in the auto industry.

5. Car Comfort

Gas efficiency and engine performance are on the top of the list of every buyer out there. Yet, in the recent past, drivers have shown similar concern for levels of comfort.

Plastics make those customized finishes possible. Auto consumers are more interested in entertainment systems, interior finishes, and other convenience features.

Get a Supplier

Spare some time to talk to your injection molding contractor to make sure that you get the right polymers mixes. Prioritize durability since this will save you maintenance costs in the future.

The demand for customized, distinct designs has never been this high in the auto industry. It’s up to the manufacturers to find a way to meet the consumers’ needs whilst operating at optimal costs. Plastic Injection molding provides a solution for all that.

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