Lean Automotive Supply: How to Get the Products You Need Just in Time


Lean automotive supply chains demand a reliable and responsive supply network. Adapting to the demand of a continually changing market means that automakers have fewer opportunities to adapt than they used to. Instead, they have to change.

If you run an automotive manufacturing plant, that means just in time deliveries are for you.

Just in Time to Steal the Show

Just in time manufacturing is a simple concept that produces extraordinary results. Put simply, just in time delivery, and manufacturing aims to cut costs by reducing the amount of stock that must be stored.

Just in time manufacturing can take several forms as it works it’s way down the supply chain.

One, goods are assembled and stocked right before they’re sold. Two, parts deliver just in time to an assembly plant directly before assembly. Three, materials are delivered immediately before they need to be processed.

In an auto manufacturing environment, this can look like:

  • Final assembly right before a car heads to a dealership
  • Parts are delivered to the assembly line right before they go on the car
  • Raw plastics are delivered right before it enters the mold

A Timely Analysis

Basically, instead of saying that materials are necessary for production, we’re saying that production is necessary for materials.

This elementary shift in thinking can make a world of difference in your business strategy.

By starting to manufacture only once a customer has placed an order, you automatically have an advantage. You won’t have to shift your focus from a task that’s already in process.

A just in time delivery process requires immense amounts of planning to operate at it’s fullest potential. Scheduling shipments at the right time, finding suitable suppliers, and sourcing high-quality materials on short notice are all challenges that you will undoubtedly face.

But never fear. Many suppliers like us specialize in supplying high-end goods to just in time supply chains. We also recommend that you hire a supply chain management expert to organize your just in time deliveries. Make sure that everything is moving smoothly on your end is just as important as having the right partners.

Waste Not, Want Not: Lean Automotive Manufacturing

All of this is at the very core of a lean manufacturing production philosophy.

Lean production, or the practice of reducing waste in every possible way, has taken industrial production by storm. Lean production defines “waste” as anything not essential to the operation of your business, and it can inform your every move.

By employing rigorous supply, inventory, and labor tracking, it’s possible to crack down on even the trickiest manufacturing inefficiencies. While just in time, supply chain management is just the beginning of this puzzle; we believe that it’s one of the essential parts.

Changing Supply Chain Relationships

In a world that’s always changing, updating, and ravenously searching for the latest-greatest thing, it’s crucial to act leanly.

As more manufacturers enter and the current supply chains become saturated, reach out to find your own. Build partnerships that will allow you to operate the leanest, meanest supply chain you can successfully.

This advice goes for all manufacturing professions, not just manufacturers working with lean automotive supply. If you’re looking for a plastic supplying partner, we’re the ones for you. Reach out today!

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