5 Types of Home Appliances That Should Consider Plastic Molding

plastic molding

Plastic is an essential part of our lives. Daily, individuals encounter plastic molding that makes toys, automotive parts, health care supplies, and appliances.

Companies across the appliance industry capitalize on the costs by utilizing plastic. Plastic molding is affordable and can impact the price at which companies produce these items. As a result, the cheaper they are to produce, the faster the product is complete.

What the benefits of plastic molding? Here are five types of home appliances that benefit from plastic molding.

1. Dishwashers

One of the most utilized appliances is a dishwasher. The housing itself is made up of plastic molding, but what about inside the unit?

The inside of the dishwasher has plastic components that are specific for functionality. Advancements have been tossed around by plastic manufacturers targeting plastic tubs that withstand high-temperature dishwashing cycles.

2. Toasters

The appliance market today makes toasters out of pressure molded plastic. Once hitting 350 degrees, the plastic semi-fluid will be poured into a toaster mold.

Therefore, polyethylene, heat-resistant plastic used within toasters, pairs well with the metal material that comes together making the toaster.

3. TV Housings

TVs transitioned to plastic molding years ago. Therefore, the development of various TV housing depends on their size.

A plastic injection molding machine handles the advanced molding technology associated with electronics.

For example, Larger housings have been made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Medium-sized TVs have Polypropylene (PP), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), and ABS. Therefore, smaller TVs will have modified PP. Each unit has different plastics necessary for various electrical appliances.

4. Fridge Door Liners Plastic Molding

Companies have opted to transition from HIPS to ABS in refrigerator door liners because of part cost.

This transition lowers the cost of production and also gives these companies the ability to downgauge on wall thickness without losing the strength they need in these door liners.

The molding withstands years of opening and closing the refrigerator. Consequently, without this plastic molding, production would be immediately impacted.

5. Washing Machine

Plastic home appliances have mold-bases. A washing machine is no different.

The internal components of the washing machine are vital to the function of the appliance and are made of plastic molding. Therefore, these pieces use a plastic injection molding machine as well to perfect the unique shape of most of these parts.

All in all, the reduction of production costs and part value are the main advantages of opting for plastic molding.

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