5 Reasons to Consider Plastic Injection for Automotive Molding

Did you know the plastic injection molding industry is predicted to grow by 4% in the next five years? A vast number of manufacturers use plastic injection molding to automate production. And the automobile industry is no exception!

Are you using plastic injections for your automotive molding yet? If not, you’re missing out on efficiency and lower costs for your production. Plastic injections can improve part design and create enduring products.

Keep reading for five reasons why automotive molding can put your manufacturing at an advantage.

1. Many Uses for Automotive Molding

If you’re part of the automotive manufacturing industry, you’ll know that plastic parts now make many parts of a vehicle. In the 1970s, plastics began to change the auto industry to make for lighter, more efficient vehicles.

Any vehicle parts that don’t have to handle intense heat are now usually made with plastic. The types of automotive molding are countless. Door handles, cupholders, rails, and car mats are a few examples.

2. Get Numerous Design Options

The process of plastic injection molding begins with the design of a mold for your product. No matter how complex your design needs may be, plastic injection molds can handle it and reproduce identical parts over and over again.

Molds also offer options to improve the strength and appearance of products. Fillers added to a mold help bolster the strength of a product. As far as looks go, a product made from a plastic injection mold ends up so smooth it won’t need a finish.

3. Make Your Production Efficient

Did you know plastic injection molds have an accuracy within 0.005 inches? That reliable accuracy makes for efficient production with the ability to maintain details in your designs.

Once you have your mold, the presses are programmed so the mold is accurate each time. One mold will last you a long time, resulting in the benefit of many parts being made from a single mold.

4. Plastic Injection Molding is a Money Saver

Imagine the amount you can save on labor and production costs when you have a mold ready to go for all your parts. The efficient manufacturing process will reduce your need for manual labor. Supervision isn’t necessary when you have plastic injection molds automating your manufacturing.

Also, plastic costs less than other alternatives for automotive materials, such as metals or steel.

5. Reduce Waste

With modern molds, you won’t have any guesswork as to how much material you’ll need to create your products. Molds only require as much plastic as needed to create the product, resulting in little to no waste.

And if you do have any waste, you can still put it to good use! Scrap plastic can be ground up and subsequently re-used. Plastic injection molding for cars is one of the many ways the automotive industry can become more eco-friendly. 

For All Your Automotive Molding Needs

As you can see, plastic injection molds can be vital to your manufacturing business. So how can you go about getting the best plastic injection molds to use?

We have plastic injection molds for all your automotive molding needs. Request a quote with us at Nova Stevensville today! Let’s get your automotive production running smoothly.

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