4 Industries That Enjoy the Benefits of Plastic Molded Components

Plastic Molded Components

In 1869 John Wesley Hyatt invented the first synthetic polymer made from cellulose. Since that day, plastics have played an important role in our society.

If you look around you today, you will notice that our entire world depends on plastics. This plays an important role in almost every industry and product worldwide.

Check out four major industries that plastic molded components are essential for right here with this handy guide.

1. The Defense Industry

The advent of interchangeable parts in the early days of the industrial revolution changed the defense industry.

This new technology forever revolutionized the way the industry constructed its equipment. With interchangeable parts and plastics, equipment used to wage war could be mass-produced on a large scale.

Plastics make up pieces in firearms and those used in tanks, planes, and ballistics armor. Therefore, plastic molded components have forever changed the defense industry.

Plastic is the perfect medium for molding complex components. It allows for streamlined production. Therefore, the final product is always made in a durable and easily reproducible form.

This is essential for the defense industry. This industry requires a large number of identical items that perform well in the field.

2. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has benefited immensely from plastic molded components. Take the toy industry subdivision, for instance.

Most toys are made through some sort of plastic molding injection process, from toy action figures to model cars.

Plastic molded components play a further role in electronic devices. This includes the housings on your television and computer. It also includes the case your DVD came in. Plastics are everywhere.

3. Plastic Molded Components in Medicine

The medical industry is dependent on plastic molded components. They compose the packaging for pill bottles. Plastic creates disposable syringes and PPE. It forms the building blocks of the medical-industrial complex.

Plastic injection molding is one of the best ways to manufacture advanced medical devices. For instances, without plastics, our medical system would not be the same. Neither would our standards of healthcare.

4. Aerospace Industry

The moon landing could never have happened without plastics. Neither could the creation of the International Space Station.

Plastic molded components first saw their advent in the auto industry. Then the aerospace industry was quick to incorporate them into their production processes as well.

Engineering vessels to leave the earth’s atmosphere requires a menagerie of components. These components need to be lightweight. They also need to be capable of withstanding the forces of inertia and rigors of space travel.

Plastic is the ideal substance that meets these criteria. Molding it via injection molding is one of the best manufacturing methods of creating a consistent final product time and time again.

Our World Is Filled With Plastics

So, without plastic molded components, the modern world as we know it would be an impossible construct.

Plastics provide the lightweight and durable material a variety of different industries require. While, injection molding provides the ideal method of production for this versatile substance.

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