What Other Industries Would Benefit from Plastic Injection Molding?

plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is a versatile business that can serve many needs from mainstream items to niche products from industries across the entire spectrum. The lion’s share of products on the market today are beneficiaries of plastic injection molding or are directly made by these machines. In a very real way, plastic injection molding companies help drive innovation, and using them will drastically help your business grow.

What industries do benefit from plastic injection molding? What can we learn from these industries? If you’d like a peek, read on for industry benefits.

Food and Beverage

When an industry touches just about every part of our lives as the food and beverage industry, speed and efficiency are paramount for businesses to serve their customer base. Most, if not all, of them, use plastic in some form or another, whether it in the form of utensils, plates, or food storage containers. Without plastic injection molding, the food industry wouldn’t have amenities such as take-out!

Medical and Pharmaceutical

The medical and pharmaceutical industry has benefitted greatly from plastic injection molding. It allows the industry to move away from metals and use high-grade plastics instead, including recycled plastics. This move means more sanitary hospitals and doctors’ offices, which in turn reduces diseases and speeds recovery.

Windows and Doors

When built with steel or other metals, there is always the chance of corrosion, leading to windows or doors sticking or becoming unusable. You can leverage plastics to do the same jobs as the metals. Using the plastic for parts such as springs or hinges, you increase the life of a window or door well past what you may get from metals!


Electronics such as iPhones and game consoles, form the core of our entertainment. They continue to get faster and more impressive every day. Plastic injection molding is one way our electronics continue to evolve and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. Without the plastic cases, electronics are exposed to dust, insects, and other debris that could lead to a short.


Before this type of molding, more than a few toys were made from metal. This later led to a few safety problems. Now, manufacturers can create detailed and intricate parts that won’t fall apart if banged on the floor a couple of times. And thanks to both soft plastic molds and hard plastic molds, you can build versatile toys that have both hard and soft areas, making them safe for younger children.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding revolutionizes most of the industries that take advantage of it. If you’re not sure that integrating plastic injection molding into your business or industry, contact us at Nova Stevensville today!

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