Manufacturing Benefits With Electric Injection Molding Machines

electric injectionDid you know that electric injection molding machines have many benefits when used in production? When manufacturers evaluate potential injection molding partners, they have many things to consider. Technical talent, product quality, and communication are just a few important criteria. However, the type of equipment used in the manufacturing process is important. Partners that integrate machines create more value and reduced costs in the business relationship. The following is how this is accomplished.

Lower Energy Consumption 

Energy reductions give potential injection molding partners a way to reduce costs and pass the savings to your company. Electric injection machines reduce energy consumption up 70% when compared to their hydraulic counterparts. These machines consume power only when their servo motors turn on, whereas hydraulic machines have to stay on constantly to pump fluid.

Electric machines also require less equipment to cool them through the reduction of chillers necessary to do the job. Less equipment within a plant results in reduced costs.

Cleaner Operation

Electric machines don’t require hydraulic oil. This eliminates the chance for leaks and other messes that could cause downtime, tainted materials, and other production mishaps. Without the typical maintenance, hydraulic machines require, an electric production facility will have better uptime and capacity for more of your orders.

Electric Accuracy

When you require a high level of accuracy and repeatability, electric machines are the best choice. Servo motors have a very low degree of fluctuation in their movements, resulting in better products.

When you need a high-quality manufacturer, Nova Stevensville uses efficient and accurate electric injection molding machines. Our talented staff, processes, and controls enable us to manufacture a variety of products for our customers at a lower cost. Contact us today for more information.

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