How Do Plastic Injection Molding Parts Stand Up Over Time?

Plastic injection molding parts are a bit like a cobbler that’s been repairing shoes for the last 60 years.

You can go into the cobbler shop with a mystery pair of shoes, ask for a resole, and be on your way in a couple of hours (depending on how busy the shop is, of course).

Plastic injection molding manufacturing has been around since the 1800s. Think about that. You can go into an antique shop today, and you’ll probably find an injection molded part from one kitchen appliance or another. Better yet, that part will probably work just as well as it did the day it was made.

Let’s break down why injection molding is still around and why factories are still using it today.

Even Different Materials Are Durable

If you can melt a type of plastic, you can use it in the injection molding process. So, that means you can get rubber, bendable, and even ultra-smooth and hard finishes. Additionally, milling any softer or harder kinds of plastic create stress points within that component that can lead to an early failure.

With plastic injection molding manufacturing, plastic is melted down and then reformed into the desired shape. That means that you introduced no additional stress to the component. In fact, the heat may make the plastic more durable!

Automotive brands seem to benefit the most from this advantage, but we’ve seen other businesses make great use of the extra durability.

Injection Molds Make Parts That Are Strong and Easy to Transport

You’ve probably built a model car, boat, etc., before, so we’re sure that you’ve seen the flat packing method that those models use. The injected plastic is made to resemble a flat spiderweb of branches and parts.

The “flat-pack” elements of this method of manufacturing make shipping more efficient and saves on cost.

Additionally, because injection molds are easy to construct as a single part, they are stronger than their multi-part counterparts (think 3D printed parts that need to be bolted or glued together). This sturdiness also helps reduce cost because the injection molded parts are less likely to break during shipping.

Injection Molding’s Precision Reduces Wear

Have you ever gotten a bearing with poor tolerances? It will tear itself to pieces within minutes of heavy use! All we mean to say is that your parts’ fitment can make the difference between something that lasts for decades and something that lasts weeks.

Plastic injection molding machines are spot on the mark every time. If you care about the experience of the customers who use your products, you should consider injection molded parts.

(Extra precision in your components is also good because it will help speed up assembly lines and increase your ROI.)

Plastic Injection Molding Parts Adapt to Your Durability Needs

Injection-molded plastic is great because you can add ingredients to modify the durability of your plastics.

So, if you need a hyper-strong piece of plastic to last for generations, injection molding can do that for you. If you need a plastic piece that will break at a specific pressure, then injection molding can do that too.

Injection-molding is a true jack of all trades when it comes to durability.

Let Us Help You Mold Your Success

Plastic injection is one of our all-time favorite plastic manufacturing processes. It’s durable, efficient, and reliable. What more could you ask for?

If you’re looking to have some plastic injection molding parts made up, reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help you out.

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