The Importance of Material Selection in Injection Mold Tooling

How would your automotive business evolve if you used injection mold tooling from now on? Think about its potential impact on cost, efficiency, and product quality.

Everyone in the automotive industry wants to have an edge over their competitors. But they aren’t always sure how to do that.

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Injection Molding Material Selection

It’s best to think of injection molding as a tool in your toolbox. The purpose you have for this tool will matter in material selection. Below are the aspects you must consider.

Strength and Safety

Car parts, like dashboard panels or bumpers, need materials that can handle heat and wear and tear. Plastics that are tough and can take a hit, like high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), are good choices.

Working With New Technologies

The car industry is always coming up with new tech. Materials used in cars should work well with these new inventions. For example, you may want to use a plastic that is light and strong, so it will be more fuel efficient.

Being Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, making cars more eco-friendly is vital. This means using materials that don’t harm the planet. Bioplastics is one such example.

In short, car part materials must be strong, work well with new car tech, and be kind to the environment. Those who neglect these aspects risk falling behind their competition.

The Basics of Injection Molding Materials

There are some key things to be aware of so you don’t make a mistake in your venture. Here is what you should know.

Thermoplastics vs Thermosets

You can melt and reshape thermoplastics without losing their properties. Thermosets have a higher heat and chemical resistance, but you can’t remold them due to curing. Knowing this difference will help with your thermoplastic selection.

Amorphous vs Crystalline Polymers

Amorphous polymers’ molecular structure is random and more flexible and transparent. Crystalline polymers’ molecular structure is orderly, stiffer, and more resistant to stress cracking. This information helps to decide on custom plastic molding.

Material Pyramid and Temperature Scale

The material pyramid and temperature scale are two ways of classifying plastics. It’s based on their properties and applications.

You can divide the material pyramid into four levels. Those levels are standard, engineering, advanced engineering, and high performance. The higher the level, the more expensive and specialized the material is.

The temperature scale shows the range of temperatures that each material can withstand. It ranges from low to high.

Start Using Injection Mold Tooling Now

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