Questions to Ask a Plastic Injection Molding Company Before Working Together

plastic injection molding company

Are you looking for a plastic injection molding company? You are making a great choice in picking this type of manufacturing, but you need to find the right company to reap the benefits. So, where do you begin?

The injection molding market is estimated to be worth over $261 billion, with a compounded annual growth rate of 4.8% until 2030. This is for a good reason, as injection molding solutions are some of the best production technologies available.

An important part of finding the right plastic injection molding company for your project is to ask the right questions. Read on for the essential questions you must ask.

What Are Your Injection Molding Capabilities?

The injection molding capacities of a company indicate whether they have the capacity to meet your project deadlines. If the company doesn’t have many machines, you risk delays in manufacturing your products. You also want to ask about the different injection molding machine sizes in order to produce different parts.

You can also ask about their auto-injection molding technology, which influences the efficiency of production. Look out for companies that use advanced technologies such as computer-aided design and manufacturing. These companies will be capable of producing accurate and high-quality quality designs.

What Is Your Project Experience?

Check that a company has experience with custom injection molding. Ask what clients they have worked with before and ask to see samples of molds. You can also ask for customer testimonials to ensure their reputation matches their promises.

You can also ask about the in-house team experience, as some companies source their molds from elsewhere. An in-house team will be able to oversee the project from start to finish, keeping to cost objectives and design goals. It also simplifies communication, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Will I Have the Molds for Project Lifespan?

Check that the injection molding is guaranteed throughout the project. You will be liable for changing or repairing molds if the project is not guaranteed. You want to work with an injection molding company that will make necessary adjustments and repairs, so you can achieve your project goals.

What Quality Standards Do You Follow?

Pick a certified plastic injection molding company. You can then have peace of mind that the company works to specific standards. There are a range of certifications, such as ISO 9000, for quality management systems.

Can I Have a Written Quote and Timeline?

Ensure there are no hidden fees and you remain within budget with a written quote from the company. Check that the quote covers all costs, from tools to production. It is also important to get a predicted timeline, so you can decide if the company can meet your production needs.

The Best Plastic Injection Molding Company

These are some of the questions you can ask when choosing a plastic injection molding company. Taking the time to research companies ensures you find a quality provider that will be able to fulfill your production needs.

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