Designing Plastic Parts: From Concept to Reality

plastic parts

While the global economy is broken down into only 11 sectors, there are dozens of industries within each. Many of these markets use plastic parts for machinery. However, since they all have wildly different needs, custom-molded plastics are critical for every professional.

Here, we’re going to talk about taking your plastic parts from concept to reality. Read on to learn the ins and outs of the plastic parts design process.

Choosing Fundamental Properties

There are several things to consider when initially designing plastic components. Assess your machinery and other parts carefully. Measure your space and determine the appropriate size and shape based on what’s available.

Then, think about the properties that your parts need to function within surrounding conditions. If they’re operating within a hot car engine, you’ll need a plastic that’s resistant to thermal stress.

If you need industrial machinery gears for an oil-powered machine, chemical resistance is a core consideration for the material you select.

Creating a Design

With the help of a professional, draft up a design for your plastic parts. Consider the size and shape that you need.

You’ll also want to consider any special features that your parts require like holes and undercuts. These may be necessary to help with release from the injection mold.

If you’re designing large auto parts like bumpers, you’ll also need to fulfill special auto industry requirements. No two car types are built in the same way, and a precise fit is critical.

Injection Molding

Once you place your custom order with Nova Stevensville, experienced professionals will design an injection mold tailor-made to your part. They’ll then melt down the plastics you want to make your part from.

This material will be based on your specific strength and safety requirements. It can range from thermoplastics to crystalline polymers depending on how rigid and temperature-resistant you need your parts to be.

Then, the melted material will be pumped into the mold. It will cool and solidify into the mold’s shape before removal. Experts will set it aside and pump more material into the mold to make large batches of the same parts.

Quality Control and Delivery

After the parts are created, our team will put them through quality tests. Our CMM capabilities are widely renowned, and we have been praised for them by companies like FCA and Adient. Every component is tested individually for functionality and durability, so you don’t need to worry about getting a low-quality product.

After plastic part production concludes, we’ll deliver your final products to any location. The precise specifications of your project and your order quantity will alter the delivery timeframe. However, rest assured that we’re equipped for both small-batch and bulk delivery.

Design Plastic Parts With Michigan Experts

Now that you know all about designing and producing plastic parts, it’s time to begin your project. Nova Stevensville is committed to producing plastic components with high-quality injection molding processes.

We use durable and versatile materials to create custom components in a wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, and more. Request a quote from our facilities to learn more about your specific custom project needs.

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