Manufacturing Benefits With Electric Injection Molding Machines

Did you know that electric injection molding machines have many benefits when used in production? When manufacturers evaluate potential injection molding partners, they have many things to consider. Technical talent, product quality, and communication are just a few important criteria. However, the type of equipment used in the manufacturing process is important. Partners that integrate […]

Comparing Injection Molding vs 3D Printing in 2019

Are you wondering which mass manufacturing process to use for your next project? (hint: injection molding vs 3D printing) Maybe you have a prototype and you’re ready to produce a large number of physical products for your customers, or you’re starting from square one. Does your project require continuous production and high production efficiency? If […]

7 Trends in Plastic to Watch For in 2019

As the plastic industry evolves, more and more plastic trends are appearing. Many industries rely on plastic such as aerospace, automotive, packaging, medical, and many other industries. If you’re involved with an industry that relies on plastic for business, then you’ll need to keep up with the latest plastic trends. Several different plastic trends debuted […]