5 Types of Home Appliances That Should Consider Plastic Molding

Plastic is an essential part of our lives. Daily, individuals encounter plastic molding that makes toys, automotive parts, health care supplies, and appliances. Companies across the appliance industry capitalize on the costs by utilizing plastic. Plastic molding is affordable and can impact the price at which companies produce these items. As a result, the cheaper they are […]

3 Things to Consider When Partnering With an Injection Molding Company

The plastic injection molding industry keeps growing and growing. Whether it’s for packaging, electronics, automotive parts, or the medical field, plastic injection molding companies are in high demand. The growth in small businesses has also increased the demand for injection molding. From local shops to home businesses, companies need plastic injection molding. Is your business in need of […]

Insert Molding vs. Overmolding: 3 Key Differences

Today, many industries need injection molding to produce, transport, and package products. Without this technology, medical industries wouldn’t have the tools to produce medical supplies. Tools like surgical materials and x-rays wouldn’t be possible. So how does injection molding work? The process uses insert molding or overmolding to mold and fuse materials together. Here’s how […]