Plastic Injection Molding Benefits for the Auto Industry

The auto industry, building and construction, and electrical industry are the main consumers of injection molded plastics. The market size for plastic components was valued at $265 billion in 2020. Statisticians predict more growth with an increment of 4.6% per year for the next seven years. Injection molding technology has brought about many significant changes in […]

4 Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs You Didn’t Know

Have you been looking for manufacturing jobs lately? Perhaps, you’ve contemplating applying for some but, are not sure if it’s right for you. Well, we’re here to say that getting into this industry may be the best career move you ever make. There’s a myth that American doesn’t manufacture anything anymore and buys everything abroad- […]

Plastics Manufacturing in 2021: Top Trends and Challenges to Know

The plastic manufacturing industry is still growing and expanding despite all the challenges they have faced this past year. According to information from the American Chemistry Council, plastic was the only substance that continued its expansion in 2020, growing 0.9 percent overall. The primary reason for this is the increase in demand for plastic manufacturing companies […]

3 Vertical Injection Molding Machine Facts You Need to Know

The global injection molding industry is expected to reach $20.49 billion by 2027 and has been used for years to create unique and helpful products. Two common forms of injection molding are made with vertical injection molding machines or horizontal injection molding machines. While you may have heard about horizontal injection molding machines, keep reading to learn […]

How Reshoring With an OEM Helps a Business

If you work in an industry that makes use of precision parts, it’s crucial that you use nothing but the highest quality available. Whether you’re dealing with plastic molding, metal fabrication, or other types of parts, it’s important to consider original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is also important if you’re in the middle of reshoring. […]